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Letter from Natalee? What do you Think We are Stupid?

HarryTho 12/9 Natalee Holloway Commentary (Breaking Update - Letter From Natalee???)

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Breaking Update: Jayne Mitchell of MSNBC News interviewed Beth Twitty, Steve Cohen and Tim Miller.Jayne discussed Beth's involvement in the Tara Ginstead disappearance. Beth truly is making the issue of missing persons visible and getting people to act. Tim Miller lauded Beth's participation and all she has brought to the missing persons' investigation. Truly, Beth is a gift to all missing persons. Steve Cohen mentioned possible reinterviewing of the three suspects. He went over that the 12,000 pages of testimony have been reviewed. He revealed a new prosecutor is coming from Curacao (old news actually) to oversee the case to check for new leads.

The hot item reported by Steve Cohen was a letter received by Paulus van der Sloot claiming to be from Natalee Holloway. She explains in the letter why she ran away from her mother and is living in the USA. She tells the Dutch authorities to test the letter for her DNA to verify that it is her. Steve Cohen reported that Police Chief Dompig received the letter from Paulus today and immediately sent it to the Dutch Forensic Institute (DFI) for DNA testing and authentication.

In another important update - Dan Riehl at Riehl World View has information that would appear to contradict the Natalee letter. As implied in the title of his post, the confusion does indeed continue.Beth Twitty tried to evade responding, stressing that the police should focus on the blood in Joran's sneaker. She claimed that she was not hopeful of the letter. Comment: This could be a break! A letter from Natalee! But then again, maybe not! - end of update
Update from comments - On the breaking news about the letter from Natalee, it appears that Greta On The Record was "off the record" again.

If you have not heard, the Aruban court censured Police Chief Dompig. He will not be addressing the media any more. Apparently, the motion by Joran van der Sloot's lawyer was accepted over the police chief stating that he knew the three suspects were guilty.

Letter from Natalee? What do you Think We are Stupid?

Steve Cohen mentioned possible re-interviewing of the three suspects. He went over that the 12,000 pages of testimony have been reviewed. He revealed a new prosecutor is coming from Curacao (old news actually) to oversee the case to check for new leads.

The hot item reported by Steve Cohen was a letter received by Paulus van der Sloot claiming to be from Natalee Holloway. She explains in the letter why she ran away from her mother and is living in the USA. She tells the Dutch authorities to test the letter for her DNA to verify that it is her. Steve Cohen reported that Police Chief Dompig received the letter from Paulus today and immediately sent it to the Dutch Forensic Institute (DFI) for DNA testing and authentication.

(This has got to be the biggest bullshit smoke screen I have ever seen. Hint: see my post below. We aren't dealing with rational, ethical or moral people.)

Beth Twitty tried to evade responding, stressing that the police should focus on the blood in Joran's sneaker. She claimed that she was not hopeful of the letter.

Here's Steve Cohen, a Philadelphia native, with Aruban attorney, and Paulus Van Der Sloot in the background. Cohen has been a "good friend to Aruba since 1979".





Again I ask:

Where is Satish Kalpoe? Why is it that he's never been mentioned and the public has never heard from him? Not a peep. I wonder if he's trying to stay out of the limelight because he's weak and might crack. It's obvious that Joran and Deepak don't have a problem with handling the media, police and interrogations considering their sociopathic demeanor and attitude.

Let's find out information and investigate Satish! He's the only other "person of interest" that hasn't talked and he knows the answers.

My theory: Joran did the deed, Deepak was the ring leader, Satish was in along for the ride, and PVDS was in charge of cover up.


Karin Janssen To Be Fired From Case, Beth Discusses (VIDEO) 12/12/05

Karin Janssen To Be Fired From Case, Beth Discusses (VIDEO) 12/12/05

Beth Holloway Twitty appeared on Greta this evening to discuss some breaking news in the search for her daughter, Natalee Holloway. Apparently Carol Janssen, the chief prosecutor will be fired from the case due to lack of investigating and conflicts with the family. This is a huge win for the Holloway and Twitty family as Janssen has served as no help to them.

Pat Campbell on L&D: Natalee Holloway, Aruba (VIDEO) 12/13/05

Pat Campbell on L&D: Natalee Holloway, Aruba (VIDEO) 12/13/05

My friend, talk show radio host Pat Campbell appeared on Live & Direct last night to discuss the Natalee Holloway case.

Jossy: Aruba to Close Holloway Case in 60 Days (VIDEO) 12/14/05

Jossy: Aruba to Close Holloway Case in 60 Days (VIDEO) 12/14/05
Jossy Mansur appeared on Greta this evening to talk about a news tip that he received. Apparently, Aruban investigators will close the investigation of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance in 60 days if no new evidence is found or suspects obtained.

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Alabama's first lady backs Holloway family, condemns Aruba

Alabama's first lady backs Holloway family, condemns Aruba

Last Update: 12/9/2005 8:14:05 AM

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama First Lady Patsy Riley promised the family of missing teenager Natalee Holloway that the state will always support the search for her, and accused the Aruban government of turning its back on the family.

"To know that another country turned its back," Riley said, her voice breaking with emotion during a candlelit prayer meeting Thursday night for missing children. "The people of Alabama will never turn their back."

Holloway was last seen leaving a bar with three young men from Aruba during a graduation trip to the island May 30.

Holloway's mother, Beth Twitty, and her stepfather, Jug Twitty, attended the prayer meeting at the Governor's Mansion along with two dozen friends from the 18-year-old's hometown of Mountain Brook, a suburb of Birmingham. At least four other families of missing children also attended the meeting.

"It touches me that they have so much strength to stand up for our family," Jug Twitty said, referring to Gov. Bob Riley and his wife.

Some 40 Alabama children are missing, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Tara Frazier, whose 15-year-old niece Sharnecia went missing a year ago, said that while the prayer meeting was largely focused on Holloway, she still felt consoled.

"It was a comfort," she said after the meeting. "Not so much sad, but comforting."

Patsy Riley, speaking from the steps of the mansion, asked the victims' families to stand together and draw from one another's strength. They held hands in prayer, later lighting white candles in memory of their missing children.

"This is about all missing children," the first lady told them. "The difference with Natalee is that a different country is involved. ...Therefore, there's a different crisis."

Holloway's family initially praised Aruban authorities for their work on the case, but they turned critical, alleging incompetence and conflicts of interest, and joined the governor in calling for a nationwide boycott of travel to Aruba.

Riley has sent letters to the 49 other American governors, urging them to join him in the boycott. So far, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has been the only governor to join.

Meanwhile, Assistant Aruban Police Chief Gerold G. Dompig has said in interviews that Beth Twitty has hurt the investigation by releasing sensitive information during her frequent appearances on U.S. television shows. And he said Holloway's classmates need to be questioned more because of "disturbing" statements they've made on TV and the Internet.

The first lady said she decided to hold the prayer meeting this year because the holidays can be the toughest time for families who have lost a child.

Patsy Riley told the families that blowing out their candles "does not mean the end of this prayer meeting. "We will never stop searching for your loved ones."


Official Statement From the Government of Aruba Supporting the Candlelight Vigil for Natalee

Official Statement From the Government of Aruba Supporting the Candlelight Vigil for Natalee Holloway

Thursday December 8, 5:45 pm ET

ORANJESTAD, Aruba, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The people of Aruba and their government warmly and wholeheartedly support the candlelight vigil being held this evening in the United States for Natalee Holloway.

Almost from the moment Ms. Holloway disappeared, the nation of Aruba has been focused on finding her.

The people of Aruba join those at the vigil in spirit this evening with Ms. Holloway in our hearts, in our thoughts, and in our prayers.

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U.S. Authorities Could Handle Natalee Holloway Case Better (Editorial)

U.S. Authorities Could Handle Natalee Holloway Case Better (Editorial)

By: Sarah Herbert
Issue date: 12/5/05 Section: Opinion

On Nov. 6, 2005 NBC broadcasted a special two-hour episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. For at least a week before the show aired, the network ran commercials chock full of teasers stating the story line was "ripped from the headlines." I just knew what it was going to be about: Natalee Holloway.

I couldn't have been more right. Not only was the episode "ripped from the headlines," but it seems like it was pasted into the script. The similarities were alarming and the differences almost too subtle to be seen.

The basic plot of this episode was that a high school aged girl from Iowa was on a school trip to New York City and disappeared the night before she was to return home. The actress chosen to play this girl just happened to be fair-skinned and blonde. Coincidence? Probably not, and it gets even better.

The first suspects the police take into custody are two boys who swear they are innocent. Sounds a lot like the Kalpoe brothers to me. It turns out these two really were innocent. I'm not so sure this is the truth for Deepak and Satish, but the similarities in the facts were still there.

The next suspect they arrested was a young, arrogant man with a huge gambling problem and enough stupidity to broadcast his social life on his personal blog. In my opinion this character was screaming Joran van der Sloot. Turns out his mother was overprotective of him, and his father was a judge. Still not convinced that this character was based on the younger van der Sloot?

If you have been following the Holloway case at all, it's no secret that there has been a great deal of controversy over van der Sloot's judge father Paulus's involvement in the alleged crime. Especially concerning the older van der Sloot telling his son "no body, no case." Well wouldn't you know that the judge father's character on Law & Order: Criminal Intent said the exact same thing to his son. Needless to say, my jaw hit the floor.

At this point I couldn't wait to see the end of the episode. It's obvious that NBC, or even the American media as a whole, is trying to say something about the case. This media commentary in the form of one of the most popular shows on TV fascinated me.

However, I wasn't let down. The Law & Order team certainly did their homework on the Holloway case. At one point, the investigators uncovered a photo of the suspect posing with a friend. In the photo he had his belt tied around his friend's neck in a leash-like fashion. Coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally) the same type of photo was discovered on one of van der Sloot's blogs. That detail is something only the most well-informed would know.

Alright, so it probably seems like I am just giving a recap of the episode. However, I don't think I can prove my point without first offering this background information.

The similarities between the show and the real life case are so alarming I expected there to be no end, as Natalee has not yet been found. On the contrary, the Law & Order team was able to uncover the young girl's drugged, raped and strangled body in a pond of all places.

In my opinion this episode was designed by NBC to speak out against Aruba authorities. Officials in Aruba have been reluctant to communicate with the FBI or the American media from the very beginning. It doesn't even seem like they are trying to solve the case.

Perhaps NBC was saying if this happened in the United States the case would have been solved months ago. In fact, many people feel this way about the case and in turn angered Arubans for criticizing the abilities of their officials.

All in all, I'm pleased with the attention that the media is giving this case. I do indeed feel that if this had happened in the U.S., the FBI would have found the body or at least some evidence.

Furthermore, the FBI would never have allowed so much time to elapse before investigating the last people she was seen with. Unfortunately Aruba officials have made so many mistakes in this case, the little evidence they do have isn't worth much.

If at all possible, the politicians governing that island are even more nauseating than the ones we have here in the United States. They don't want to communicate, and they certainly don't want to utilize the manpower to find this girl.

I wish for Natalee's sake, as well as the entire Holloway-Twitty family, that the police in Aruba realize the importance to find this girl. Unfortunately, it's not a television series, and there isn't a clean resolution at the end of an hour-long episode. Hopefully, that clean resolution will come someday soon.

Source: (Wilkes University, Wilkes Barre, PA - The Beacon)



Gerold Dompig, the Aruban deputy police chief in charge of the case of Natalee Holloway's disappearance, discusses the case in detail for the first time, telling Vanity Fair special correspondent Bryan Burrough that the biggest obstacles to finding Holloway have been her mother and stepfather, Beth and Jug Twitty, themselves. Dompig charges that pressure from the family sidetracked the investigation from the outset, forcing premature arrests and not allowing Aruban authorities enough time to gather evidence. (These revelations appear in the January issue of Vanity Fair, which hits newsstands December 7 in New York and L.A. and December 13 nationally.)

"They didn't understand the way things are done in our system," Dompig tells Burrough of the family. "They act like they came from a world where you can just crush people. It was very harmful to our investigation."

Dompig tells Burrough that he expected the arrest of prime suspects Joran van der Sloot and two brothers, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, would please the Twittys, but it didn't. "It was like nothing could satisfy them—nothing," says Dompig. "Basically, Jug wanted us to come over and beat a confession out of these boys. We couldn't do that. These guys are hardheaded, especially Joran. We couldn't get a confession."According to Dompig, Beth Twitty had contact with her daughter while she was in Aruba. Dompig tells Burrough he has taken two statements from journalist Julia Renfro, as well as a worker at the Holiday Inn, and both claim Beth Twitty told them she had gotten a call from Natalee, who said she was in love with a tall, blue-eyed Dutch teenager. "We need to know the truth," says Dompig. "Joran did not have blue eyes, so who was this boy?" Beth strenuously denies making any such statements, or having talked with Natalee while she was away.

Despite numerous press reports, says Dompig, nobody knows what time van der Sloot got home that night, nor is it clear how he got there. Dompig tells Burrough that this summer the F.B.I. completed a detailed psychological evaluation of van der Sloot. "He struck us, and the F.B.I., as a guy who can make you believe he's God's gift to mothers-in-law," says Dompig. "But if you look at his actions, he's anything but.… Maybe he blew a fuse when she wouldn't have sex with him, and something happened."

Dompig tells Burrough that the kids in the travel group "went far, very far, in terms of having a good time." Dompig mentions wild partying and lots of room switching, noting that the Holiday Inn had told them they were not welcome next year. According to other statements, says Dompig, Natalee drank all day, every day. There was "so much drinking that Natalee didn't show up for breakfast two mornings."

Dompig tells Burrough that Natalee's mother and her husband threatened to ruin the island if Natalee wasn't found. "They would bring hell to our island—'burn it down'—were the exact words," says Dompig. "That's when I knew we were in trouble." (Jug Twitty denies this happened. "Where would he get that?" he asks. "We thought he was a nice guy.")

Beth Twitty told Burrough, "I'm in Columbus, Ohio, on a secret mission," when he reached her on her cell phone one afternoon. "I'm putting together another strike against Aruba. I tell you, Bryan, those people down there, they'll never know what hit them. They should never have messed with me," she said.

The Twittys' attack on Aruba has left a lot of its people angry, reports Burrough. Former Aruban government minister John Merryweather tells him, "This is just a concerted attack on Aruba. A terrorist attack. Why blame the whole island, a whole country, for something that is out of our control? She attacks our justice system? What about yours? JonBenét. Was that ever solved? Michael Jackson—he gets off. O.J. That's American justice, and the woman is criticizing us?"


Reporter Bryan Burrough Talks About the Case (VIDEO) 12/05/05

Reporter Bryan Burrough Talks About the Case (VIDEO) 12/05/05

Bryan Burrough of Vanity Fair appeared on The Today Show to discuss the case.

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nice group photo for comparisons below

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Natalee tribute video ~ Freebird

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slideshow/numerous photos relating to investigation

Natalee: altered appearance

Amy Bradley

6/9/05 Dan Abrams/MSNBC/Amy's parents

Amy Bradley updates

JVDS blog

Dr Phil On 'Amy Bradley'-Could Natalee's fate have been the same as Amy's?

Dr Phil On 'Amy Bradley'

November 17, 2005

Topics: Amy Bradley

On September 21, 2005 Hyscience received information from a reader, Allan K, about images he had found that looked like Amy Bradley.

We subsequently placed the images that we received from Allan, in a side by side comparison (above) with images from her web site, along with other images that we enlarged from comparison to her known features (see below). We then spoke with Ron Bradley, Amy's father, and emailed him the images (one of which was shown on the Dr. Phil Show tonight).

Ron Bradley then told us that he thought it was Amy and asked us NOT to post on the information or the images in order that who ever had Amy would not be spooked, and that they could get the information to the FBI. We were told that the FBI had previously had difficulties when contacting such sites, and would probably prefer that we held back the information (We did not speak directly to the FBI ourselves since we thought the family was the ones to deal with the situation).

WE AGREED. But tonight we were surprised to see one of the images that we sent the Bradleys, show up on Dr Phil.

So since the "cat is out of the bag," we feel that we are no longer under any obligation to hold back information and other images. Please expect more to come (including a tie to ARUBA).

The below images are the exact images that were found on an adult site by a reader (Allan K) that searches for missing women on adult sites that may have been forced into prostitution. The only editing that was done was to enlarge the images and place them for comparison. Here is the text of Allan's original email, the emails from the Bradleys have been held back as a courtesy to them. There are numerous other emails that went back and forth in getting all the information together, most of which is being withheld at this time.


Allan's email on September 21 at read


I recently came across two photos on an Adult site that I feel resemble Amy Bradley.

Click on Adult Escorts...The second set of photos is "JAS" (images attached).

Although an older photo, the resemblence is strong and tattoos strategically covered.

(Phone number deleted at readers request)

Sincerely,Allan K......

From: allank............ ... Mailed-By:

Reply-To: allank@ (deleted at readers request)


Date: Sep 21, 2005 5:45 PM

Subject: Hyscience Message from Allan K......

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Condoleeza Rice: Am I safe in Aruba?

Condoleeza Rice: Am I safe in Aruba?

Washington D.C.What if it were 100 American women that were murdered by a local in Aruba? Just when does it becomes a security issue?

The State Department responds to a request for help from a foreign country in writing yet remains silent when an American family needs a response?

This is not acceptable.

We are not sheep like the Arubans and don't assume you care. The U.S. State Department stands by when millions of it's citizens are asking for answers? You have the authority to demand answers. How about a few simple answers for us? What mistakes were made and by whom? Why were they made and why are the same people who arrested the security guards entrusted to bring justice to an american family?

Ms. Rice, you need to respond to the people you represent and not Aruba.

Aruba's request regarging it's corruption is to ask the U.S. to look the other way or else innocent people will be harmed. Innocent people have been harmed!

Do you realize there is no one in Aruba representing Natalee? It's open season on Americans to be killed while the local authorities look the other way. Please gives us a sign you are aware of this. Please let us know you are aware that the reason the Aruban authorities are not communicating is they have nothing to communicate. There is no investigation.

Will you at least let the citizens know why they should feel safe travelling to Aruba?

We assume you are concerned. Yet we assumed the Chief Prosecutor turned Chief Public Defender was concerned too. But she turned out to be covering for the suspects family.

What are you doing if anything? There will come a day when you ask for out vote. Well we want your vote now. Is Aruba safe and why? This is about politics, race, class, corruption and most important of all, the murder of an american. I want to believe you wouldn't wear heels on the beach.


Dompig Gagged!

Dompig Gagged!
We learned on MSNBC last night that the attorney for Paulus van der sloot has filed a motion against Chief Dompig to essentially gag the Chief for his comments that "the 3 are guilty as hell."

We also learned that the attorney believes that the whole of the Van der sloot property was searched. This allows Dompig to cross that one off his wish list as he has previously stated it was not.

The evidence used to arrest the security guards was the lie or "story" told by Joran van der sloot.

The big Kock, attorney for Deepak showing he must have a law degree from the same place as resident bimbo Arlene Schippers, responded to a question as to why none of the 3 didn't help in the search for Natalee with some mind-boggling logic.

He said that it would be inappropriate and that anyone searching may actually appear guilty of something if they did.

Ms. Schippers, who had "the pleasure" of meeting with investigators and seems to have direct access to both the police and the Chief Prosector turned Chief Defense attorney assured us the investigation is ongoing "round the clock."

She assured us that they have to look at many scenarios. Why the media cannot seem to confront exactly what that means is frustrating. Being that they still have no corroborated timeline for Joran van der sloot one wonders if it's only a matter of time before the security guards are re-arrested.

Is there any doubt that Paulus van der sloot is in charge of this investigation? With Ms. Schipper's defense mentality and access to the case how is it possible Paulus doesn't know before anyone what the police are doing?

So Dompig states what is obvious and he will join the security guards in being silenced.

Dennis Jacobs, the man who took the van der sloot lie as a clue, twice, is still the lead investigator.

It's only a matter of time before Jan van der straaten will be brought back a second time to replace Dompig.


Just One Night in Aruba

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Just One Night in Aruba

Aruba celebrating with glee the inconclusiveness of the Deepak tapes as predicted continues to ignore the most glaring problem with this story. Just what evidence have the investigators come up with? Standing in front of the 3 whom Chief Dompig says are "guilty as hell" the first night after Natalee disappeared and this is where we are after 6 months?

The hollow words that they are still investigating this case seem more absurd with each passing day. The complete refusal to discuss the night when Beth and the police confronted Joran van der sloot who his father said was not home stilll rankles.

After being mis-directed by Paulus van der sloot, the police returned to the home to find Joran and the Kalpoes who then misdirected again.

It's amazing that Arlene Schippers can sit with the police and listen to tapes of Deepak and Beth and Dave are kept out of the loop. Aruba deserves a much bigger boycott. Where are you Ms. Rice?

The Aruba Dirty Police were helping someone. In their warped world they were helping someone they knew quite well. A co-worker and friend, Paulus van der sloot.

How else to explain the lie the 3 told that first night which was taken with gratitude as a "clue." In what world do trained police officers stand before these three and accept their story? Not even a cursory look around the property? Was it not suspicious that they were together in the early morning hours again, another night, a school night? And Paulus was right there with them?

If you wanted to find Natalee wouldn't you press them for details? But to say goodnight and pursue their lie as a clue is just not a believable mistake. A mistake that went on for 10 days? Then to arrest 2 security guards who's truth was accepted as a lie and call it a mistake?

These people are still running this investigation. And it seems all of Aruba is behind them. Why? Does anyone care that you just don't get the depths of you're depravity Aruba?

What did it cost to silence the security guards?

The media has done a poor job of exploring the first 10 days. Greta, Rita, Dan all of them have not focused on the beginning of this investigation. That is where the answers are to what happened to Natalee.

The evidence is right there between Jan van der straaten, Dennis Jacobs, Paulus van der sloot and Karen Janssen. They're actions were a direct response to what happened here.

The coverup of the coverup continues. How can these same police officers be tasked with solving a case they unsolved?

The media needs to focus on the Aruba Dirty Police and demand a timeline for their actions since they are unwilling to piece together a timeline for Natalee.

When asked to explain this mistake, Ms. Schippers stated on Fox News in July, "we don't like to talk about that."

The Van der sloots misdirected the police twice in the most crucial moments in any missing person's case and Aruba is obssessed with Dr. Phil?

Just why did Joran need to change his story at all? Why? What difference would it make? Could it be he had to seperate himself from the Kalpoe's?

If they stuck to the "dropped her at the hotel" story what would be diffferent today?

posted by DEETCH

GretaWire - Tale of the Tape

GretaWire - Tale of the Tape

December 1, 2005

Sixteen minutes before Wednesday night's show, I received (while already seated on the set) an e-mail from my senior producer to call her immediately. I called and she told me that she had just spoken to a representative of the "Dr. Phil" show and the representatives of the show wanted us to know a few things (see below). To begin with, and as you may know, Dr. Phil paid someone (polygrapher Jamie Skeeters) to go to Aruba and investigate Natalee Holloway's disappearance.

It is Skeeters' trip to Aruba that is at the center of a current dispute in the Natalee Holloway disappearance.Jamie Skeeters, while in Aruba, had a taped interview with Deepak Kalpoe and there is now much debate about that tape and what Deepak did or did not say. Did Deepak admit on the tape to having sex with Natalee or did he deny it? On the "Dr. Phil" show, it was claimed that Deepak admitted on tape to having sex with Natalee. The authorities in Aruba disagree and assert that on the original tape Deepak actually denies, not admits, to having had sex with Natalee. Some authorities in Aruba now say that the "Dr. Phil" show — or someone — manipulated or altered the original tape of the interview with Deepak in order to create a false story for air. This is in sharp contrast to what the representatives of the "Dr. Phil" show assert.

Dr. Phil and his staff stand by the tape they aired and claim Deepak admitted — and not denied — to having sex with Natalee. A representative for the "Dr. Phil" show specifically said that the show 1) Did not manipulate the Deepak tape in any way; 2) Did not alter what Deepak said in any way and 3) That they would give us [today] the tape they worked from so that we could inspect it to verify what they were claiming.

The representative also said the show stands by its position that Deepak said on tape, "You would be surprised how simple it was...." The implication of that quote is that Deepak had sex with Natalee. When we listened to the generation of tape provided us the other night from Aruban representatives, our staff thought what was said was, "You would be surprised how simple it would have been." I have not been able to verify it for myself since the tape was received in New York City. Obviously we are anxious to hear the tape that the "Dr. Phil" show has now promised us, so that we can compare it to the one we were provided by the Aruban authorities.

We are also curious what the FBI has to say about the content of this interview. I was told by Jamie Skeeters on the phone the other night that he originally "taped" this interview directly to his computer hard drive and that he gave the hard drive to the FBI. Of course this hard drive — the "original" — is what will tell us exactly what was said or not said — provided it can be adequately enhanced and analyzed. We don't have access to that hard drive so even after evaluating all the tapes and CD's given us, there could still remain in my mind some question.

Bottom line: We are confused. Did Deepak admit to having sex with Natalee? If so, was she able to consent or was she too intoxicated by alcohol or drugs? (If she could not consent, it is rape.) Did someone alter or manipulate the tapes? If so, who did? Was it inadvertent or intentional?

Perhaps what is most distressing — besides the suggestion that someone altered a tape (whether that be in the U.S. or Aruba) — is that there is a debate over this taped interview. The tape is not powerful evidence in my eyes, but since it appears to be almost the only evidence, it has become potentially very important. You would hope that an investigation could amass more powerful evidence — hair, fiber, blood, eyewitnesses, surveillance tape, etc. And yes, there is such a thing as a perfect crime. Some crimes, despite diligence and desire, cannot be legally proven. I am hoping that Natalee's disappearance is not one of those rare perfect crimes. I am curious if the police and prosecutor in Aruba have more evidence and how aggressively they are working... I wish they would communicate, but not to the point to jeopardize the investigation.


Greta Plays Part of Taped Interview, Dave Reacts (VIDEO) 11/30/05

Greta Plays Part of Taped Interview, Dave Reacts (VIDEO) 11/30/05

First: Arlene.Dave Holloway appeared on Greta last night to discuss the now released taped interview between Deepak Kalpoe and Jamie Skeeters. A piece of the tape is also played in this segment.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

EDITORIAL - Keep Pressure on Aruba to Solve Holloway Case

EDITORIAL - Keep Pressure on Aruba to Solve Holloway Case

Governors of the other 49 states may not be as familiar with Natalee Holloway's disappearance as Bob Riley, but they should not conclude he's indulging in self-serving politics as he calls for a tourist boycott of Aruba.

Politics are hardly the case. He's responding to and identifying with a parent's cry for help.

Beth Twitty, Natalee's mother, is to be commended for not giving up. She first went to the island to find Natalee when she didn't show up at the airport to fly home with her group. Now she's looking for justice and for the peace that comes from knowing.

What happened on the tourist island off Venezuela on May 30 and the subsequent investigation into her disappearance call for drastic action because of the ineptness of the local police authorities.

At this point, asking American tourists to find another vacation spot in the southern Caribbean is about the only pressure the governor can bring against Aruban authorities. In his letter to other governors, Mr. Riley said missteps, miscommunications and inconsistencies plagued the investigation. He charged that Aruban authorities failed to take the investigation as seriously as they should have.

He's right. Something happened to the 18-year-old Mountain Brook High School graduate on what was supposed to be the last night of her senior class trip. In all, eight men went to jail as either suspects or for suspicion of having information about Miss Holloway. Police authorities subsequently released all of them, and the chief suspect, Joran van der Sloot, is in the Netherlands attending college.

Barring any official U.S. State Department action, the governor's appeal to his peers will at least heighten public awareness that Aruba isn't a Garden of Eden tucked away in the sun drenched Caribbean.


Benefit Auction for Natalee

Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

November 29, 2005



Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Tonight lets start off with a follow up on last evening's editorial, and then move on to a few inputs and commentary. What I want to discuss this evening is a phrase that I have employed a few times. Since none of our readers has questioned it, I thought I would discuss its use in the Skeeter tape controversy. The phrase is "culpable inefficiency."

Culpable inefficiency reflects upon a person's accredited (assumed/granted) capabilities inherent in a position with which he acts. Succinctly, a person is assumed to have the capability to perform the function for which he is employed. For example, a surgeon is assumed to have knowledge of the human body; and a judge is assumed to have knowledge of court procedure.

Culpable inefficiency describes a failure to perform a function under which a person is assumed to possess this accredited knowledge. For example, a surgeon cutting the wrong artery cannot claim ignorance of the cardiovascular system. What I want to point out here is that the actual ignorance of the person in the wrongdoing is unimportant. The fact that he holds a position that requires the knowledge in question constitutes sufficient grounds for culpable inefficiency. In our modern day bureaucracy, few executives understand this implication.

As I hinted in last evening's editorial, Jamie Skeeter may employ a defensive strategy that he turned over his VHS tape to Dr. Phil McGraw who in turn had his technicians "edit" the VHS tape and create the 8-second Beta tape without Skeeter's participation. It is an interesting defense, and one that seems promising, at first. I would suspect that the average American would grant merit to such a defense. Why, because the average American has been in a similar situation in which he has been cited for a wrongdoing of which he had no knowledge. Traffic anomalies are a prime example. How can we possibly know all the traffic laws?

Clearly, there are instances when one does not know that a traffic law is being violated. Of course, when it comes time for the hearing, the traffic judge will stamp the usual "ignorance of the law is no excuse" phrase and issue a fine. Affectionally, these (most often district level) judges are referred to as the jokers of jurisprudence. You will note that these judges do not advance up the ladder of seniority in jurisprudence. They just get eased off the bench when their term is up. Why, because ignorance of the law can be an excuse for an average American.

Culpable inefficiency differs from "ignorance of the law is no excuse" in that the prerequisite for the position warrants that the person holding the position possesses the knowledge and necessary expertise in order to perform the functions of the position. This individual is handled quite differently, in a legal sense, than the average American.

In last evening's editorial, I elaborated somewhat on Jamie Skeeter's credentials: police chief, career law enforcement officer and polygraphist. These credentials confirm that Jamie Skeeter's has reasonable knowledge of the duties with which Dr. Phil McGraw hired him to perform. Jamie Skeeter should have known every reasonable aspect of the law and procedure with which he employed to tape the conversation between Deepak Kalpoe and him. Given his accredited expertise, Jamie Skeeter would have been knowledgeable of every aspect of conversation recording.

Accordingly, for Jamie Skeeter to claim that he never listened to DVD or the VHS tape that he downloaded from his computer hard drive for submission to Dr. Phil McGraw for editing would constitute culpable inefficiency. Jamie Skeeter should have perused his work for correctness prior to submission for publishing.

Second, for Jamie Skeeter to claim that the Dr. Phil McGraw's editing took place without his participation, likewise, falls under culpable inefficiency. Upon hearing the error in the 8-second Beta tape, he was obligated to inform Dr. Phil McGraw to cease production. In this case, his non-performace is omission. Although, if he originally neglected to peruse his downloads for accuracy, this omission could be mitigated. But nonetheless, the non-performance falls back onto the original culpable inefficiency of not preusing his work for accuracy.

As for the case of Dr. Phil McGraw, clearly, he does not possess the same qualification as Jamie Skeeter; however, he oversees a media publishing outlet. By his position as leader of this media publishing outlet, he is accredited to possess all the required knowledge and expertise in order to operate that outlet. Now, Dr. Phil, personally, may not possess all the knowledge and expertise himself, but he has the resources available to provide such knowledge and expertise.

Hence, Dr. Phil McGraw cannot claim ignorance of the contents of the DVD and VHS tape submitted by Jamie Skeeter. Dr. Phil McGraw had all the resources available, legal and technical, with which to evaluate the 8-second Beta tape with Skeeter's DVD and VHS tape for conformance. Furthermore, Dr. Phil McGraw cannot claim ignorance of the manipulation of the tape by his technical staff, because he, as their boss, is responsible for all their actions and, likewise, had all the resources available to check their work prior to airing.

Neither Jamie Skeeter nor Dr. Phil McGraw can shake the yolk of responsibility or liability for the erroneous 8-second Beta tape. Both possessed the knowledge and expertise available in order to prevent the airing of the 8-second Beta tape. Even if they were both truly ignorant that the 8-second Beta tape was manipulated, both are en pris by culpable inefficiency.

Rita Crosby of MSNBC News escapes this category of culpable inefficiency, because MSNBC News never received a copy of the DVD or VHS tape in order to detect the manipulation. MSNBC News is a victim of publishing.

More coming a little later this evening...

Posted by Richard at November 29, 2005 07:06 PM

6 Months: FBI Seeking Information

6 Months: FBI Seeking Information

The FBI is seeking information regarding Natalee Ann Holloway who disappeared on May 30, 2005. Holloway and a large group of students went to Carlos 'N Charlie's Nightclub in Oranjestad, Aruba. Holloway was last seen around 1:30 a.m. leaving the area in a silver Honda with three young males, Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe, and Satish Kalpoe. Holloway did not return to her hotel room...

(Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Official release of Strategic Communications Task Force

Official release of Strategic Communications Task Force
A.M. Digital

Referring to the support proposal of mrs. Lisa Chiafullo, an American citizen, in which she asks to boycott mrs. Beth Twitty in the US communication media; and considering that mrs. Chiafullo’s initiative became known in Aruba, the Strategic Communications Task Force (SCTF) wishes to clarify its positions by means of this release.

SCTF appreciates all those that provide support to safeguard the good name of Aruba. Although we support the intention behind some of mrs. Chiafullo’s expressions of the last few days, we maintain our position that the focus must remain on the investigation efforts that are done in an orderly manner and according to the legal process which is based on real facts. We trust fully that justice will prevail and that it will serve the interests of our island. We prefer to have this position instead of calls for equal time in the media or calls for boycotting Natalee’s family.

Since the beginning SCTF has maintained its objective to assure that the truth, based on solid information, is distributed to all that are involved and/or interested in the case of disappearance of Natalee Holloway. We feel that it is imperative that the Investigation Team can continue with their investigations, that are still ongoing, in order to solve this case.

[English language original text]

Washington refuses to back Aruba boycott

Washington refuses to back Aruba boycott

10 November 2005

AMSTERDAM — The call by Alabama governor Bob Riley for American tourists to boycott the autonomous Dutch island of Aruba is not supported by Washington.

During a meeting at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday evening, Chat Blakeman, Deputy Chief of Mission at the American Embassy in The Hague, confirmed "the governor's comments do not reflect the view of the United States".

Prime Minister Nelson Oduber of Aruba had asked Washington to clarify its position after Riley called on his fellow governors to support a boycott of the Caribbean island.

Riley accused the island authorities of not fully cooperating in the search for missing Alabama school

graduate Natalee Holloway (18). "There are no other alternatives to get Aruban authorities to take this as seriously as they should," he said on Tuesday.

Dutch officials emphasised on Wednesday that everything possible is being done to solve the disappearance, and that Aruba remains a safe destination for US tourists. The Dutch Ambassador in Washington is to discuss the issue shortly with US officials.

Holloway disappeared on 30 May while on holiday in Aruba with classmates. Extensive searches have failed to find her. The police think she was murdered.

A Dutch teenager and two Surinamese brothers are believed to have been the last people with Holloway prior to her disappearance. The three young men were held in custody for some time before being released without a breakthrough in the case.

The parliament on Aruba went into emergency session after the boycott call. Afterwards Prime Minister Nelson Oduber said Aruba wanted the US President to intervene.

"Aruba is not Cuba, North Korea or Iraq. We are friends with America. Most tourists come from the United States and we work together to combat drugs, criminality and money laundering," Oduber said angrily.

Tourism figures for the months after Holloway's disappearance do not show a drop in the number of American's visiting the island. Mirna Jansen of Aruba's tourist board noted that US citizens did not appear to be following through on their claims to be less inclined to come to the island.

[Copyright Expatica News + ANP 2005]

Subject: Dutch news

Check safety before trip abroad


Check safety before trip abroad

With hostility targeting Americans, research can help you weigh risks


Gary Flax's friends thought he was nuts. Why? He was planning a vacation to Iran.

"All my friends told me I was going to be kidnapped and beheaded," says Flax, 58, a retired doctor from Miami Beach, Fla.

Yet after carefully researching the country, he went on the trip last year anyway and found his friends' fears unfounded. Iranians were friendly, he says, coming up to his dinner table and snapping photos with him, a rare American tourist in a country that shares a border with Iraq.

Iran, he says, "probably was one of the safest places I've been."

Flax chalks up his decision to travel to Iran to careful research of the country's safety -- a strategy that experienced travelers say is more important than ever.

There has been no shortage of threats to tourists' safety lately, even in places generally regarded as safe, such as Europe. This month, pirates armed with grenade launchers opened fire on a luxury cruise ship off the coast of Somalia. A week later, bombs exploded at the Grand Hyatt, Radisson and Days Inn in Amman, Jordan, killing more than 50.

The world can be a dangerous place. But how can you assess the risks?

Seasoned travelers say there's no one source of information they use to determine whether to head to a particular country. Rather, they scan government travel Web sites, closely follow international news and talk with people in the country to assess safety.

Of course, no amount of preparation will guarantee a safe trip. Danger can pop up almost anywhere, as subway bombings in London and riots in France recently proved. But research can help weigh the risks.

Janet Moore, owner of tour operator Distant Horizons in Long Beach, Calif., was organizing a trip this fall to Uzbekistan for a group of Wellesley College students. But in June, the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning for the country following deadly clashes between protestors and Uzbek security forces in the eastern part of the country.

Moore, whose company has offered trips to Afghanistan and Libya, did some further digging. She contacted the U.S. Embassy in Uzbek capital of Tashkent for more information on the unrest. She talked to professors at a university there.

She became convinced that the warning was overblown -- that the conflict sprang from human-rights protests, not terror threats specific to tourists. For her, the key question was, "Are there groups targeting American tourists?" She came to believe the answer was no, and the group traveled through the country without incident.

"It's not that we don't listen or read the travel warnings," she said. "We weigh them."

Moore said she prefers advisories from the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, which she finds less political and more objective than the State Department site.

Countries she's avoiding for now include the Congo, Liberia and Iraq, and she's concerned about Egypt. But she's monitoring developments, too: "When Iraq changes, we will be the first people who will be in there."

Although most of us will probably never travel to Iran or Uzbekistan, the same rules apply for travel to other countries. There's plenty of anti-American sentiment in the world today, but gathering as much information as possible will help you judge if you could be a target.

Other tips include traveling in a tour group with expertise in the country, or relying on a native guide to help you navigate the country and its customs.

Waiting for a flight from Charlotte to Aruba last week, network-news graphic designer Lisa Bernardo, 49, of New York said she thought of the Natalee Holloway disappearance before booking her trip. The Alabama teenager disappeared on the island in May, in a case that's received loads of cable-news attention.

In the end, though, Bernardo decided the Holloway case was an isolated incident. And she figured Aruba is no more dangerous than where she's from.

"We're from New York City," she said. "We have sort of a brave heart."

Finding danger zones

Travelers say the following sites help them discern whether to make a foreign trip:

• U.S. State Department site. Some travelers find the advice political, but it offers country-specific information.

• British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The British equivalent of the State Department, it tends to be more direct in its assessments.

• Has forums where people can ask "travelers' helpers" for information on each country.

• hotspots/hotspots.asp. Private consulting firm Air Security International offers free updates and e-mails on the world's "hot spots." Tony


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Victims' rights take a beating

Victims' rights take a beating

If an obscure state commission comprised mostly of non-elected officials has its way, Alabamians may soon be reading news reports on local crimes that start something like this:

According to a police incident/offense report, someone was killed yesterday somewhere in the 200 block of Main Street.

Because the public portion of such incident/offense reports no longer provide victim information, it is impossible to determine the number of victims, their ages or occupations, their gender or race, the extent of their injuries, or the precise location of the crime. Police on the scene referred all questions to the chief of police, who could not be contacted.

That's it. That would be about the only information that the people of Alabama could routinely find out about victims of crimes if changes to the Alabama Uniform Incident/Offense Report used by police and sheriffs' departments around the state are approved.

If these changes are allowed to stand, it could prove to be the biggest setback to victims' rights this state has ever seen. Victims would no longer be real people who would engender sympathy from the public, but faceless statistics and numbers about whom no one outside their immediate families would care - or even know about.

The changes to the I/O reports were proposed last week by Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center Commission, a board supposedly made up of such criminal justice officials as the chief justice of the state Supreme Court and the Alabama Attorney General. But the chief justice and the attorney general and many other members of the commission send representatives in their stead.

Based on a previous attorney general's opinion, law enforcement officials usually release most of the information on the front of the current Incident/Offense reports to the public and news media, although sometimes they black out portions of the front as well. The back portion is usually not released.

But under the recommended changes approved unanimously by the commission, all specific information about a victim or victims would be moved to the back of the form, which would be labeled: "This side of Incident/Offense form is officer's work product and may not be public information."

The changes now must go through the Alabama Procedures Act, which allows for a public comment period on the proposals, so there is still time to reverse this wrongheaded decision. (No one objects to not releasing such information as Social Security or driver license numbers.)

Ironically, the changes were defended as a means of protecting victims. But in the real world, the effect will be just the opposite. Sophisticated proponents of victims' rights would recognize that this is the case.

It is too easy for society to ignore the plight of faceless, nameless victims. The public cannot identify with people who are relegated to the status of a number.

That is the reason that the family Natalee Holloway, the Birmingham teen who disappeared in Aruba, has fought so vigorously to get her face before the worldwide public, to humanize this story. Aruban authorities could have dumped this case in the inactive file long ago if it were not for the sympathy engender by publicity about the victim.

But it isn't just the victims in such high-profile cases who would be hurt. Reporters and editors who can no longer easily identify real people who are victims of crime sprees will tend to write less about those sprees, whether they are home break-ins or robberies or carjackings. Even when such stories appear, the public will be less likely to take them to heart if they cannot identify with specific victims.

Keeping victim identities secret also will make it more difficult for the press to hold police agencies accountable for adequately investigating and solving crimes.

We call on those public officials who have delegated this important decision to their appointees on the criminal justice commission to intervene to reverse it. It is difficult to imagine that Chief Justice Drayton Nabers and Attorney General Troy King, both of whom purport to be supporters of open government and the public's right to know, actually agree with the decision their representatives made in their names. Similarly, several of Gov. Bob Riley's appointees serve on this commission, including the heads of the Corrections and Public Safety departments. Their votes last week fly in the face of their boss's usual strong stance in favor of open government.

This was a bad decision. Alabamians should hope that the officials involved are big enough to admit a mistake and reverse it.


LETTERS--Speak Out ... On Aruba boycott

Speak Out ... On Aruba boycott

By our readers

Yes, we shouldI agree with your Nov. 11 editorial “Manhunts and boycotts.” As a single parent, my children are my world. The thought of losing one or both is disturbing. I wrote my governor to support the boycott.

I have watched this investigation from the beginning. I heard about blood being found in a car, but then heard otherwise. I heard about a bloody mattress, and no DNA testing was done on that. Bones found in July (supposedly donkey bones) are just being sent for forensic testing in October? What ever happened to “Leave no stone unturned,” or even decency for other human beings? I would like to know my children are safe. How would this country keep my children safe? No one is being held accountable for lies or for trying to give a false alibi. And the cover-up only gets bigger. A little understanding and compassion is something no one seems to be able to muster. Just say a prayer for the Twittys and Holloways. I cannot guarantee Oklahoma will join in any boycott, but my family will not even think of traveling to Aruba or the Netherlands until this is resolved. That is from one parent to another.

Daphine PeckWetumka, Okla.


Statement From The Public Prosecutor's Office

Statement From The Public Prosecutor's Office

The Dutch Forensic Institute analysed and compared a video-cd of the private investigator and a tape provided by the FBI which had the interview with the suspect on it that was shown in the programmes of Dr. Phil and Rita Cosby.

The results of this investigation are as follows:

There are no differences between the interview with the suspect D.K. as shown in the video-cd of the private investigator and the tape provided by the FBI.

There also no indications that manipulation of the images took place.

The Dutch Forensic Institute has also concluded that in the case of the interview shown in the programmes of Dr. Phil and Rita Cosby the images were manipulated.

These images differ from the ones in the video-cd and the tape provided by the FBI.posted by Strategic Communications Task Force.


Dutch Experts Conclude ‘Dr. Phil’ Tape ‘Doctored’

Dutch Experts Conclude ‘Dr. Phil’ Tape ‘Doctored’
Aruba Today
ORANJESTAD – The island of Aruba continues to grieve with the mother and family of the missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway.
The most recent update includes forensic investigators in Holland having found that someone altered a taped interview in which a Surinamese man allegedly claimed to have had sex with a U.S. teen who disappeared while visiting Aruba, the island’s police chief said Wednesday.
The tape was an interview with Deepak Kalpoe in July of this year by an investigator Jamie Skeeters hired by the U.S. television program, the “Dr. Phil” show. In it, Deepak allegedly claimed to have had sex with Natalee Holloway,an Alabama honors student, before she disappeared in May.
The findings of the investigator were never revealed to the Aruban authorities until after Dr. Phil had the missing teen’s mother Beth Twitty on his program 2 months after the alleged confession.
The Aruban Authorities stated after hearing of the Dr. Phil show in early September of this year, that none of the suspects had admitted at any time of having sex with the missing teen and that this confession collected by Dr.Phil’s team would be a critical piece of information to the investigation. The Aruban Authorities were surprised that such an important piece of evidence could be withheld for 2 months, and then presented on a talk show before turning it in as evidence to the case.
It took a month to receive the original DVDs from the investigator and then were sent to Holland for verification. “The tapes played on U.S. television appear to have been altered to suggest Deepak admitted to a sexual act, our forensic investigators tell us, the original tape did not say that,” Gerald Dompig, the chief of police for this Dutch Caribbean island, said in a statement.
On the tape, Deepak allegedly says Holloway “dressed like a slut,” and that he, his brother, Satish, and Dutch national Joran van der Sloot had sex with Holloway, who would have turned 19 in October.
“I have reviewed the findings of the Forensic Institute in Holland ... those results state that the tapes were not authentic in regard to statement made by Deepak Kalpoe,” Dompig said.
A spokesman for the “Dr. Phil” show had no immediate comment.
“We have asked the FBI to review the same tapes to corroborate the conclusion reached by our Dutch forensic investigators,” the statement said.
Holloway was last seen early on May 30 leaving a bar with van der Sloot and Surinamese Kalpoe brothers. They were arrested on June 9 but released after a court ruled there was not enough evidence to hold them.
Island-wide Searches of the island failed to find the missing teenager.
Alabama Gov. Bob Riley has called for a travel boycott of the island because of how the case was handled.
Holloway’s family accuse the island’s government of not fully cooperating with the investigation into her disappearance.
Aruban officials have criticized the boycott, disputing charges the case was mishandled.
Gov. Riley has sent letters to his fellow governors across the country, urging them to support his boycott of Aruba on behalf of the family of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway.
In the letters, Riley blames the Aruban government for what he called “missteps, miscommunication and inconsistencies” plaguing the investigation into the 18-yearold’s disappearance.
Holloway, of suburban Birmingham, was last seen leaving a bar with three young men from Aruba during a high school graduation trip to the island May 30. Each of the three was later taken into custody but has since been released.
Riley, in his letter sent last Friday, said Aruban authorities are no longer communicating with Holloway’s family and are not providing information about the status of the investigation.
Holloway’s family initially praised Aruban authorities for their work on the case, but they recently turned critical, alleging incompetence and conflicts of interest.
The boycott has failed to get support from the U.S. State Department.Jeff Emerson, Riley’s communications director, said this week that the governor had not yet received any feedback from the other governors.

Greta Special w/ the Parents of Natalee, Taylor & LaToyia - Fri. 11/25

Greta Special with the Parents of Natalee Holloway, Taylor Behl & LaToyia Figueroa - Friday, Nov. 25th - Time 10:00 pm Eastern .....I will tell you something about our special audience show that airs next Friday (and which we taped in New York City on Tuesday.) I have posted today some pictures from behind the scenes at our taping. We taped a show with three parents — the parents of Natalee Holloway, Taylor Behl, and LaToyia Figueroa. As you know, Natalee has not been found but Taylor and LaToyia have been found... murdered. The three parents have very similar ugly experiences, but with some important differences. One thing they all have in common: a broken heart.
What I was hoping to discuss — and we did — was the impact of having a police force stay in frequent communication with the family even when the police have little to relay. Staying in constant communication helps relieve some of the pain and takes away some of the mystery. It also can have a significant impact on the investigation and lets the family know the case is important. When the police ignore the family, there is a high risk of trouble — including that the family thinks, rightfully or wrongfully, that the investigation is being dropped.
Of course the police or prosecutor should never reveal information that could jeopardize an investigation, but there is much that can be said in every investigation that does not harm it. Even a call like, "I just want you to know we are working on this case" is better than nothing and takes seconds to do. Often the family is sitting at home around the phone — just waiting and waiting and waiting for some news. The pain of the experience of a missing family member can't be described. It IS that horrible. A phone call from the authorities can mean much. The prosecutor has a phone, too, and a one-minute call can make a big difference. Everyone — even a busy prosecutor — can spare a minute. My guess is that in the Natalee disappearance investigation had the prosecutor been staying in constant touch with the family, there would be no call for a boycott by the family.
Incidentally, I always thought it was very bad form for the chief prosecutor to take her vacation this summer when she did. In an important job sometimes it is wise to change plans and keep your nose to the grindstone. Good and dedicated lawyers do it all the time (ask spouses of good lawyers!) Of course if she used her vacation to attend to a sick family member, or to carry some important evidence to the Netherlands, my opinion would be different. But, how do we know? We don't. She is not talking. Incidentally, I have recently heard she wants to talk but that her boss won't let her. How do we know for sure? We don't. Her boss won't talk, either! We don't get information from a press conference or an interview — leaving us to wonder.
Go to above link to see: GretaPix: Live Audience Show

Beth Holloway Twitty on a Special Greta (VIDEO) 11/25/05

Beth Holloway Twitty on a Special Greta (VIDEO) 11/25/05
Beth Holloway Twitty, mother of Natalee Holloway, appeared on special Greta in front of a live studio audience. Twitty talked about what life is like now, her job, and how she felt about other missing children cases.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nancy Grace - CNN Headline News - Wednesday 11/23/05From

Nancy Grace - CNN Headline News - Wednesday 11/23/05From

Transcript of yesterdays show:Coming up tomorrow night, please join us. There will be three empty seats at a Thanksgiving table as the search for these three missing women. One case now including the private eye on the Natalee Holloway case.

BREAKING: Taped Interview with Deepak Kalpoe NOT Accurate (VIDEO) 11/23/05

BREAKING: Taped Interview with Deepak Kalpoe NOT Accurate (VIDEO) 11/23/05

Interviewer Jamie Skeeters and Aruba Deputy Chief of Police Gerold Dompig respond.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

75% of Alabama’s Residents Support the Boycott (VIDEO) 11/21/05

75% of Alabama’s Residents Support the Boycott (VIDEO) 11/21/05

Beth Twitty appeared on Greta tonight to discuss the outcome of the boycott thus far. 75% of Alabama’s residents support the boycott.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Arubans considering taking Dr. Phil to court in the U.S.Want to sue for damaging our island’s name

Arubans considering taking Dr. Phil to court in the U.S.Want to sue for damaging our island’s name

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Thursday, on the Dr. Phil show, presented around the U.S. via syndication distributed by King World, the theme was “Sex Slaves”.

In the beginning, as well as at the end of the show, Dr. Phil repeated his message for everyone to stop traveling to Aruba.Although the probability is great that the Alabama student is no longer of this world, a small percentage exists that they wanted to check out the probability that she is still alive.

DIARIO also had taken this into account from the beginning and on the basis of various ‘leads’ we have received, checked all corners for this story. In the background, DIARIO continues to investigate and check all details received. Only some of this investigation is made public, but no all.

It is true that a DIARIO reporter kept quiet that he went to check one of the tips that Natalee is alive, but because he did not find confirmation (‘hard facts’) of this probability, he opted to not go public with it.

However on Thursday, Natalee’s mother decided to divulge this to a big audience. Nevertheless, reporters continue to work on every detail and tip that is received.


The case of Amy Bradley also found a big spotlight on the Dr. Phil show, because it focused on young women that are abducted on other countries to be used as ‘sex slaves’.

Amy disappeared from a cruise ship when it first entered the port of Willemstad. Many believe that she fell of the ship and drowned in the Caribbean sea. However, from that time, her family thinks that she disembarked in Curacao without being noticed and that she is being held as a slave.

Dr. Phil even let a crew go to Curaçao and film the “Mirage” (formerly Campo Alegre) spy-video style, How did they do this, seeing that Mirage has their doors wide open to get coverage for their business? But Dr. Phil’s show portrayed it as if it were a very hidden and ‘secret’ place, even though it is a place that even has a website to promote itself.


Some merchants are quite upset with the latest developments surrounding the case of Natalee Holloway, and expressed on Thursday that they are preparing a case against the complete production of Dr. Phil in the U.S.

This deals especially with the merchants whose business interests is that they do a lot of business with the U.S. The latest statements from this TV host is inflicting and continues to inflict damage to our island.

Thursday they were in contact with at least one very popular law firm in the U.S. in order to evaluate a possible lawsuit against Dr. Phil. It seems that the lawyers in the U.S. are convening to give the merchants from Aruba an answer about their questions if there is space for said lawsuit.

The lawsuit will be based on the fact that the name of Aruba is unfairly being dirtied, launching the whole economy of a country into trouble, without valid justification to do so.

Worse still, is when Dr. Phil on his own show insinuated that Natalee Holloway could possibly be in Cancun, Mexico. The question remains whether Natalee is not in Aruba, then how can he continue to promote a boycott against Aruba?

They also said that Mexico has slavery in the prostitution underworlds, and that would pay millions for Natalee Holloway, because she is a very popular young woman now…then how can Aruba be boycotted?

We are speaking here of a lawsuit which could run into the millions of American dollars if Aruba can prove that our economy and revenues of certain merchants go down because of the whole boycott which he is promoting against our island.

The intention is to look for more local merchants to lend a hand in the high cost of lawyers in the U.S. Many are thinking that if such a case would be worth it, then it has to be done to put some finality to the low manner in which the American press is treating our island, without giving us the chance to reply.

[translated by Getagrip]

More Arubans encountering difficulties to conduct business abroad

More Arubans encountering difficulties to conduct business abroad

ORANJESTAD (AAN): As DIARIO presented last month, the ‘anti-Aruban’ sentiment continues to grow in the U.S. We showed how in Miami and Las Vegas, there was very ugly treatment against Arubans who are traveling for vacation or for business.

More and more Arubans are starting to identify themselves as “Bonerians” or “Curasoleños” when visiting an American city, because they don’t want to lose time discussing the matter.

DIARIO showed how some persons were not able to get assistance at a store because they said that they were from Aruba. It has also happened that citizens who pay with their credit cards, when showing a piece of ID or passport, and the cashiers, upon seeing that they are from Aruba, refuse to process the transaction.

The Prime Minister of Aruba has gotten details about this from Aruban students who are coming across problems.

There is confirmation of similar cases that are happening not only in America, but also with Aruban merchants traveling to Panama and also in Hong Kong.

One of those in the U.S. who are helping in the boycott, Joe Mammana, even said that he will find any way to force American shipping companies from sending merchandise to Aruba.

This week it became known that an American distributor decided to stop its years-long business relationship in Aruba, as a protest of the manner in which the government handled the matter of Natalee Holloway.

It seems as if the whole world is of the opinion that the government of Aruba, as well as the Justice system of Aruba is good for nothing. They want a change to take place, otherwise this ‘anti-Aruba movement’ will continue.

A repeat visitor to Aruba explained recently in an email, that he went to his travel agent to purchase his vacation ticket for next year, and encountered an anti-Aruban attitude at the agency. They didn’t want to sell the travel ticket either and he had to leave the place and look for another travel agency to purchase it.

This repeat visitor indicated that they have a timeshare, and they like Aruba very much and will continue to come to the island no matter what. However, they ask for the government of Aruba to do something about the investigation because what has been done does not seem right. He hopes that something happens soon in Aruba to show the whole world what the island is doing, otherwise it'll get worse.

[translated by Getagrip]

Editorial: Natalee and the bla bla bla professors

Editorial: Natalee and the bla bla bla professors
by Jossy Mansur

I didn’t know that in Aruba there were so many professionals who are specialized in bla bla bla, that is to say, those who express their baseless opinions, but what is revealed is their ignorance. There are some media in Aruba who are somewhat politically inclined which have lost notion of reality and which hide the word ‘truth’ behind their forgetfulness.

They can very well continue to wait for a reply from me that will never come, because I am not going to waste time tending to some fanatic blindingly tied to their negative habits of twisting everything and interpreting in their own way what they can’t express or write.

Their sick focus on the case of Natalee has become a pathetic aspect, not because it is difficult to solve, but because of the errors committed and the sentences dictated are obvious to everyone around the world who is aware of them.

It has nothing to do with whether Natalee is alive or not, but with the judge who came from Curaçao who preferred to ignore all the good work that the Aruban police did and the solid presentation of the prosecutor. Are the three suspects guilty or innocent? This will come out because you cannot hide this truth for very long, but sooner or later, it will come to light. On my part, they are innocent if Natalee turns out to be alive!

Some media, addicted to the government of the day converted the case of Natalee into a political circus. We, on the other hand, maintained a posture of looking at the case for what it is, and indicated the factors which came out of the many admissions of the three principal suspects: Joran, Deepak and Satish.

No one has accused them of murder, but they themselves admitted to police during interrogations that something bad happened to Natalee while she was with them, without specifying what ‘something bad’ was! That they admitted to committing sexual abuse against her, is in the admissions they made to the police, also confirmed by the latest videotape by Jamie Skeeters with Deepak, who made important revelations which incriminated all three.

I do not share the opinion that our police agents acted indifferently, or that they intentionally covered up certain details, but I do agree that there were strange things which happened at the beginning of the case that have to be deeply investigated to determine how one or another agent could have diverted, covered or twisted some details which ended up complicating the case more than necessary. My confidence in our agents continues as firm as ever.

It is not extensive that the judge who presided over the case and decided that some things were inadmissible. He could be the best judge in the world, but in this case, he made light of and greatly neglected to pay attention to the three suspects’ admissions, since he didn’t even interrogate them about what was left hanging in the air, such as the declaration of Joran at the beach that he believes that Deepak raped and killed Natalee! How did this matter end there? How were the other accusations and counter-accusations among the three suspects not evaluated for their just content? To say that they are chronic liars is not sufficient; it has to be determined where and how they lied to be able to arrive at the truth.

That Joran is in Holland thanks to the judge? I don’t have a problem with this; where I have a problem is with the official explanation sent to DIARIO from the Justice department specifying that the judge decided to se him free because he expressed his wish to continue with his studies. What will happen if another person in KIA also decides that they want to continue with their studies?

And about the matter of the boycott against Aruba. I have explained on various occasions and on American national media that I am not in agreement with any sort of boycott against our island for any reason.

I have explained to those with a sufficiently open mind to be able to understand, that Aruba has nothing to do with the case, that it is simply the place where it happened, nothing else! Justice is being handled by the Dutch, not by Arubans!

The boycott will be avoided by avoiding crazy statements, imprudent and mismanaged protests and by trying to engage in a dialogue instead of confrontations. We are known around the world as people who are sensible, hospitable and thankful to those who invest in our island and want nothing but good.

Additionally, I am certain that in Aruba we have enough sensible people to intervene and solve the matter in a way that is acceptable for all involved. If we permit that the intention of the boycott continue to grow, then it can become very serious and we all end up losing.

I will let the bla bla bla speakers continue with their subject matter. They exert no influence on me, no matter how many unfounded and unjust attacks are launched against my way of looking at the case, but there is one thing that I will not accept, and that is to tolerate any indirect comment that I could be against the interests of our island.

I have fought a lot and against great forces to defend Aruba; I have confronted countries and contrary interests in our fight for Status Aparte; I have run all sorts of personal risks during the time I fought against the communist current that arrived to Aruba from Grenada and Cuba, propagated by some cell that is still active on our island.

And I continue to be vigilant, now against the current intention to introduce in Aruba a totalitarian way of thinking and acting, in the creation of a sort of government whose negative alliances with neighboring countries, because it will destroy the peace and tranquility which reign on our island.

That I have an enormous respect for Holland? That is categorical! It is not for nothing that I am fighting for us to preserve our Dutch nationality, for us to become part of Europe on our terms, and for us to continue simply rectifying what is wrong in the justice system, which itself is good.

There are some that interpret the system who are deserving of my criticism; not the system itself, which I have categorized on American television as one of the best in the world.

I maintain my opinion, despite that the judge who came from Curaçao to complicate the case and threw it to the wolves. It is through the action of the Dutch judge that the serious problems started for Aruba and it is driving the American national sentiment in a negative direction toward our island.

Look at the problem for what it is, not for what you want to turn it into! It is the sentence of the judge who came from Curaçao which gave rise to the impression that the Dutch justice system is full of holes and open to partial interpretations! And they want to attribute this to Aruba, instead of placing the blame where it should be: in Holland!

[translated by Getagrip]